Method Juice Bar

A journey of expansion and innovation — the transformation of The Union and Method Juice Bar Northside locations, marking the businesses’ first foray into new horizons. Guided by the visionary design expertise of co-owner Nick Murto, each space embodies the ethos of the spin/yoga studio and organic juice bar, exuding a sense of purity and vitality. Witness the seamless integration of form and function as client-provided artwork files are transformed into custom signage—a labor of love that begins with precision-cut letters and logos on our in-house CNC machine, before each piece is hand-sanded and painted to a high gloss enamel finish.

Our dedication to craftsmanship doesn’t end there—the check-in desk, cabinets, and solid surface counters are all born from the skilled hands of our in-house cabinet shop, ensuring a level of quality and attention to detail that sets us apart. When it comes to structural integrity, Ball Construction rises to the challenge, engineering glulam beams capable of withstanding the force of multiple trx athletes. In every corner of this build, the marriage of innovation and craftsmanship is on full display, creating spaces that inspire, invigorate, and elevate the human experience.